Iceland - Day 2

"We've got some bad weather, haven't we?"

This coming from the tour guide who lives in Iceland and whose full time job is to drive a super Jeep through extreme conditions.

Today was all about super Jeep exploration. We drove to Hovlsvollur in the morning and met with our tour guide at 10am. The next seven and a half hours were cold, wet, windy, and amazing. We were originally going to go on a glacier hike. After almost an hour of driving through seemingly the middle of nowhere- and getting stuck once along the way (pictures below)- we got to the glacier base and it was too windy. I don't mean too windy as in it was chilly and we didn't feel like it. I meant windy as in people were getting blown over into the foot and a half of powder we were trying to drag our feet through and couldn't get up because the wind just kept on mowing us over. We took shelter in a restaurant that was about twenty minutes further through the endless snow and over a river that we drove straight through. Despite our time there, the winds didn't calm, so we spent the day exploring waterfalls.

There were tall ones, short ones, skinny ones, fat ones, and ones where the wind hit the water so hard that it blew away and turned to hale pellets before ever reaching the body of water below. PS. the snow here looks like Dippin Dots. Perfectly round pellets that hurt when they hit you in the face but were fun to kick and play in.

One cave we explored, which I am SO excited to share pictures from but you will have to wait, was incredibly difficult to navigate. We had to tip toe across rocks through an ice cold creek that ran between enormous cliff sides. At some points it was either grip the chain that was attached to the cliff-side for dear life while you ascend the side of the waterfall, or fall into twenty foot deep icey waters. Our feet slipped into the water multiple times, but by the end our numb toes were worth the beautiful surroundings.

We finished the day with some good old fashioned pizza, which was delicious and served with a side of what I can only deduce was salmon flavored salt. The photos below show the pickle we got into with the super Jeep. The front end was completely dunked in water and we had no traction to get out, which was surprising given the number of other crazy things we did in that jeep today (driving through entire rivers, for example). Thankfully another tour group was not far behind and were able to rope us up and pull us out with no harm to the vehicle or any people. Yea, just another crazy day in Iceland :)

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