Iceland - Day 1

We stepped out of the airport in Reykjavik, Iceland, at 6:30am. With a car, a really small map, and no GPS, we spent the morning navigating empty roads/highways in an attempt to sight see. I've quickly learned that Iceland is full of lots and lots and lots.... of rocks. And the snow looks like Dippin' Dots!

First we drove through a little village on the southwestern peninsula right along the shore. It seemed like a storm was coming in (though we never actually saw the storm) so the waves were angry and large. By large I mean the biggest waves I've ever seen. Photos do these monstrosities no justice- they would've easily swallowed a person whole if they got close enough to take that picture. Next we visited a light house with an interesting beach and cliff side that seemed to be the hot spot for photographers at the time. As soon as we showed up, so did three other cars! I wouldn't have guessed three other cars would be within ten miles of each other at the same time.

The Gunnuhver Hot Spring was also somewhat populated, but mostly by a film crew. Despite the area with the actual gushing hot water being roped off, two girls in full costume and makeup were standing right in front of one of the steam plumes doing strange dances with a film crew on the other side of the rope playing music and directing. I wish I knew what they were making, because it seemed very interesting. Those poor girls looked freezing between shots though! At least they warmed up every couple of minutes.

The last thing that we did was check into our hotel- the Blue Lagoon. The water was blue and steaming in amazing contrast to the snow covered ground and hale whipping through the air around us. We swam for about an hour in these steamy waters. The bottom of the spring was all this white clay that they encouraged you to use as a facial mask; it was super soft and felt like mud on our toes. I don't want to share the best pictures yet, but the photo below is from the private spring at our slightly remote location of the Blue Lagoon hotel. There was a larger public spring that had lots of people in it, so I sprung for the mostly empty one.

Anyways, I'll post more updates as I can- super excited to for tomorrow's adventure, which is a glacier walk :) Stay tuned for the results!