Iceland - Day 5

Today was much simpler than previous days and much more self guided. We started off by going to the beach just west of the town Vik. Apparently all beaches in Iceland are black sand beaches, who knew! The waves were massive, at least ten feet tall. We found a little alcove in the side of a cliff made of hexagonal columns like those commonly depicted in Ireland. Shortly after discovering it, though, we were asked to leave because the tide was coming in and we could get trapped. Apparently somebody drowned on the very same beach just a few days ago. The waves are big and strong with a powerful undercurrent and are not to be messed with. This considered, we moved on.

We had a glacier walk tour after lunch that was leisurely but exciting. It was a total of 2.5 hours of walking. The guide had us put on harnesses in case of emergency and strap crampons onto our shoes (a layer of spikes that stretches and ties around your boots). We also had ice picks to use as walking sticks and in case of emergency. We climbed the blue ice dusted in snow from the storm we had yesterday and continued our ascent up the glacier until it leveled out. There he told us stories of the glaciers shifting and trapping people under the ice. We also got to crawl through a tunnel that formed originally as a water tunnel through the ice. The blue ice was beautiful! Photo below was taken on my GoPro of us all looking down the tunnel.

The last thing we did was go back to a different part of the beaches by Vik and take some pictures as the sun began it's long descent to the horizon. the waves were still enormous and threatening, so we couldn't get too close.

Tomorrow is a day off until the Northern Lights tour in the evening, so I may not post until the following day. Hopefully I'll have some beautiful green lights to show you all! :)